LG 55LW5600

LG 55LW5600
LG 55LW5600 assessment saves time because the information you need to know about this TV. This is a TV larger than the unlimited content from the Internet and other channels. Buy one, like you bought 55LW5600 Smart TV, Internet and most user-friendly interface. So let not your bank or put it on your PC or laptop. In addition to this, with his magical remote control, you can not only TV but also on the Internet.

Its unprecedented facility of its kind and worth the price. Provides LED, which means that sharp images and vibrant colors to enjoy. This feature allows you to see your experience extraordinary. Other LED technology offers a better contrast and brightness with local dimming technology compared to conventional LCD TVs.

In addition 55LW5600 3D Cinema offers a technology that you can enjoy in their entertainment and 3D HDTV on your couch. This is not what people were looking for money? LG 3D cinema technology is based on the same principles used in the movie is in 3D. Therefore, the acquisition of LG 55LW5600 there is no need to spend money to go to the movies.

buy LG 55LW5600

This TV offers a wide selection of fast-action, sports and video games, as he TruMotion 120Hz technology. The picture quality of standard is not very good, but LG 55LW5600 offers good quality, if it is Full HD 1080p. Full HD 1080p resolution for two pixels, compared to the HDTV standard to meet.

Is passive 3D glasses are lighter than traditional glass that allows you to 3D TV. Unlike the traditional 3D glasses, 3D glasses person has not the battery, which is a great professional. In addition, the valve will relieve your technology without eyestrain. LG 55LW5600 ENERGY STAR ®, which means that the TV is energy efficient. In particular, this TV saves energy in standby mode and active power consumption is 30% less than standard TVs.

WiFi connectivity is the most complete, which means that there is no need for bulky son connect with the TV to access content online. In addition, the TV is a DLNA ®, which you can listen to music and photos from your PC to your TV does.

In short, the LG 3D 55LW5600 a big TV and you can buy with confidence.