This is the Android Ice Cream Sandwiches on the phone

Latest operating system Android emerge prematurely. This latest version of Android bridge the gap between tablets and mobile phones. Let us see a glimpse of what distinguishes Ice Cream Sandwiches from previous versions.

From the front view, Ice Cream Sandwiches many wearing blue in the notification and the icon, replacing the previously used the color green. This notification bar a little too polished, a first changes made ​​since Eclair.

The color blue is also used in email service Gmail, customized with the color of this new OS. Google search bar can be seen at the top like the Honeycomb, and there are design changes in the app launcher and its drawer app.

For new features, Google added in software mode in which the panoramic camera. Quoted by ClickOCLOCK of RootzWiki, Friday (12/10/2011), foretold Nexus Prime will be the first device that uses Ice Cream Sandwich.