Soleio, Icon Creator "Like" on Facebook

Simplicity is part of the design strategy and practical importance for Facebook.

Soleio Cuervo is the man who changed the way we show our joy on the internet.

Before he appeared, we can only give a star, heart, and the like to appreciate something. Now, there is an icon "Like."

Soleio is a Facebook product designer since 2005. He was part of the team that introduced the iconic "Like" on the Facebook page. Today, 2 million other internet pages of the world have adapted the icon.

The man created a visual language for the user to learn and share something with other pegguna. Unlike Apple, "we want to pay attention Facebook users, not himself," he said. His statement refers to Apple products that have designs on her own allure.

To create a site that can carry that philosophy, Soleio steal inspiration from various sources.

Favorite work space is the public library in Palo Alto, Calif., which is located near the headquarters of Facebook. "Countless number of experiments we did," he said as quoted from the pages of The Wall Street Journal. "I do not think many people surrounded me make more productive. Public libraries are a great place," he explained.

Simplicity is part of the design strategy and practical importance for Facebook. Now, the company employs about 35 designers.

Soleio attempt to homogenize the way people leave comments on Facebook, which in 2008 was still diverse. The basic idea is to allow a user gets a simple way to show his fondness for something. Internally, the icon was originally called "the cool."

Many other sites chose the liver as a marker displays favorite images. However, Soleio feel that deep love and liking are two different things. "We do not want to" Like "as serious [love]," he said. They chose the thumbs-up icons for Facebook icon known to have broadcast a borrowed hand-drawn for the feature "poke." Icons "Like" first appeared in February 2009.

In some countries, the thumbs-up icon was considered rude. Facebook then adjust to local culture and offer other icons.