Riots In London Inspired by Grand Theft Auto Game?

Perpetrators of violence in London this weekend could be inspired by the popular game Grand Theft Auto. Similarly, claims a number of local media, as quoted by the Inquirer, Tuesday (08/09/2011).

Incidents of unrest in the area of ​​North London has now entered the third day. This event stems from the shooting of protesting villagers as a result of a citizen named Mark Duggan by police officers. Duggan died pierced hot lead police when he was in the cab.

The protest was the more 'violent', where residents began looting and burning shops. In fact, the unrest spread to other areas such as Birmingham and Liverpool.

Responding to these events, the Evening Standard newspaper had written an article that claims the video game Grand Theft Auto more or less have a stake in the riots.

"Go home, take fast food and see all the broadcasts on television. It is a bad habit that many people do. Children today have lost control," said one source in the article.

"When I was young, I played the game was Pac-Man and board games (monopoly, snakes ladder and so on). But now they play Grand Theft Auto and want to feel themselves experience it directly," he added.

For the umpteenth time, video games become the scapegoat of a violent incident. Not long ago, the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and World of Warcraft has also been associated with bloody tragedy in Norway after the perpetrator, Anders Breivik Behring, are known to utilize both games to prepare themselves in realizing the terror attacks on the island Utoya.