Optimus GT540

LG has continued to explore the possibilities of the Android operating system with the new Optimus GT540. Nicknamed the Optimus for ease of memorization, it is the next logical step from its predecessor, the GW620.
Optimus GT540
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Because of the similarities, development costs were relatively low in the Optimus's case, and those savings will likely be passed on to the customer. A QWERTY keyboard is just one of the features that add value to the Optimus that some of LG's earlier models did not possess. Some models of smartphones may be slightly smaller, but the Optimus GT540 can be easily placed in pocket with dimensions of 109 x 54.5 x 12.7mm. It is not heavy at all, owing to its lightweight, high quality plastic shell.

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Smoothly contoured edges bestow an attractive appearance upon the handset. Instantly noticeable is the 3-inch resistive touch screen that covers much of the front of the Optimus GT540. Even though it is not a capacitive touch screen, it is rather accurate, reducing the chance of errors while navigating or typing. It displays images in HVGA resolution and image quality is ably presented on the TFT display. It exceeds most other models in the middle price range. Images are brought to life with 256K colors and a 320 x 480 pixel resolution.

Two types of home screens are found on the Optimus GT540; the familiar, basic Android home screen and a LG designed, customized version. On the LG version, the user may customize buttons along the lower part of the screen that allow messaging access at any time. Also available are widgets, folders, and shortcuts. There is also the option to operate anywhere from three to seven home screens. The theme of the screens can also be modified. Some smartphone models aren't known for battery life, but this is not the case with the Optimus.

Optimus GT540 comes with a 1500mAh lithium-ion battery rated at 500 standby hours and up to 7 hours and 20 minutes while talking,  its Smartphone with Best Batery Life. Not many other smartphones can boast such numbers. Of course, the LG Optimus comes packed with miscellaneous features that will please the user who is looking to enhance the smartphone experience. On the Optimus you will find an alarm clock, world clock, voice recorder, personal organizer, a dedicated Youtube plug-in, a PDF viewer, and scads of other handy applications. An entry-level Android phone, the LG Optimus affords ease of use that will not overwhelm new users. These customers will like the ease of use, while the experienced user will find the familiarity useful.