10 World's Genesis Be Trending Topics On Twitter

Microblogging site Twitter is often the first medium used to disseminate important events. He also became a media sometimes like to divulge the things not generally known.

Well, what are 10 major world events involving Twitter in the delivery of information? Following these events are quoted from ComputerWeekly, Tuesday (23/08/2011):

1. London Riots
Riots London some time ago behind the creation account @ RiotCleanUp_UK_. This account also pioneered hashtag # riotcleanup. He became a trending topic, and it became evident that Twitter can also be a campaign tool.

2. The fall of U.S. Airways aircraft
In January 2009, the U.S. Airways plane crashed in the Hudson River. This news was first broadcast by passenger aircraft, Janis Krum who spread photos via TwitPic events. This photo was ultimately become fine dining society and media.

3. First Obama Presidential tweet
President Barack Obama is the first politician to take advantage of social networking as a political tool to interact with the community. After has been named president, he sent the tweet "We've made history. All this happened because you give time, talent and passion. Thank you."

4. China Earthquake
Twitter is used to disseminate information during an earthquake in May 2008 in China. Twitter is also used to help search for survivors and garner sympathy.

5. The death of Michael Jackson
Gen. Jackson's death had dominated the trending topic on Twitter and traffic caused by it. This bahksan to force the Twitter search services in order to remove the site did not crash.

6. Ryan Giggs scandal
An account called @ InjunctionSuper leaked the name of the character involved in the scandal with Manchester United, Ryan Giggs. As a result even spread to a number of senior politicians who were called to the court.

7. The death of Osama Bin Laden
Obituary of al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was first spread out on Twitter. This incident occurred in May 2011.

8. NASA Findings on Mars
In June 2008, NASA found ice on Mars and they are using Twitter to disseminate information is the first time.

9. Mining company Trafigura scandal
October 2009, company located in Amsterdam this problem with the newspaper The Guardian for publishing articles about the Trafigura scandal. A human rights activist, Richard Wilson find important information behind this case and bring it to Twitter, which makes artists intervene.

10. TwitchHiking
An adventurer named Paul Smith demonstrates that Twitter has the ability as a global communication tool. He was desperate to travel from England to Stewart Island in New Zealand for 30 days just by relying on the help of 11,000 followers.