Google's Next Target, Buy Telco Company?

Google still wants to complete the ecosystem they have created.

Google Inc.., Just bought a Motorola Mobility worth U.S. $ 12.5 billion. Motorola Mobile acquisition by Google makes my belief in four pillars of e-ecosystem increasingly evident. The fourth pillar is the access, Terminals / Devices, Content and Applications.

I personally was not so surprised when Google's purchase of the Motorola Mobility. As a fellow American company, is very reasonable if Google and Motorola together. They both need each other.

Mobility as a business unit of Motorola Motorola is needed shade platform that truly ready to full fill of the operating system in their devices. While Google need devices that can "fry" to be more competitive in the Market and continue to be at the top of the player devices.

Without this breakthrough awkward because Google did not want to experience the fate like Nokia that ultimately are not competitive for the class of smartphones.

With a business model like the current Android, Google was still not satisfied because they still want lots of features and add on to complete the ecosystem they have created.

As is known, in terms of applications and content, they're quite "menggurita". Starting from the search engine, gmail, blogs, media content (YouTube), to social media network they've created even though they have not mastered 100 percent.

What is lacking is the devices. While the Android platform is already menggurita, they still can not do "full intervention" against the devices.

That should be given their thumbs-up is still in its commitment that Android will remain open source and can still be used by vendors other devices. It is rare to find in the current era of mobile technology.

And what about the other pillars (access)? Believe it or not, there is a possibility they were preparing the business model and possible acquisitions to access the player (in this case is a telco company). Let us wait on the game. The challenge is how to telecommunications companies can survive the game and not just be a dumb pipe for a player the caliber of Google and Facebook.