Google Buy Motorola, Nokia and RIM Benefits?

Google's move to buy Motorola's Mobility believed would have a big impact. One of them can actually profitable for Nokia and BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM).

On the one hand, Google's purchase of Motorola's claims do more because they want to get a variety of mobile-related patents. It's a war ammunition patents and copyrights are facing Android against Apple, Microsoft and Oracle.

But on the other hand, it is not possible negative sentiment emerged from other Android-based handset manufacturer. Currently, three major world Android phone makers are, respectively: HTC, Motorola and Samsung.

If HTC or Samsung (or others) feel the Motorola so 'golden boy' Google post this acquisition, it is not impossible they will start looking for alternatives outside of Android.

Well, the conditions are not sure this would benefit manufacturers such as Nokia and RIM are relatively stable with the platform and product lines respectively.

ClickOclock As quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (16/08/2011), Nokia's share in the United States rose 17 percent after the news of Google's acquisition of Motorola. While RIM found 3.7 percent rise in its shares.

Other factors that raise the Nokia shares purportedly including rumors that the Finnish company would soon 'catch up' Motorola. That is, there will be other parties who buy the Nokia in the near future.

As for Apple, that debuted with the iPhone and iPad, this acquisition will not have a major impact. It is precisely the possibility Apple will be more stable off of Google products - such as Maps or Search - from their gadgets.

Microsoft too, is not yet clear whether Google's acquisition of Motorola will arouse the interest of mobile phone manufacturers in the operating system Windows 7 Phone is dibesut the software giant.