6 Nokia Strategies Against iPhone & Android

Operating system Windows 7 Phone so hope Nokia to compete with Android and the iPhone. Of course they have a special strategy in order to regain glory in the smartphone market.

Chris Weber, the boss of Nokia sales of North American region revealed a number of strategies. He believes a duet between Nokia and Microsoft will give a great fight. Here's their plan, reported by Business Insider and quoted on Monday (8/15/2011):

1. Collaborate with the operator

Particularly in the United States and Canada, where most mobile phones sold via the operator, Nokia wishes to work together more closely after has been less successful doing it. Subsidies from the service enables mobile phone sold at cheaper prices than sold directly to consumers.

2. Throwing different types of Windows Phone

Nokia intends to release a Windows mobile phone with a variety of shapes and price range anyway. With the price is quite affordable, consumers from different segments are expected to be interested with it.

3. Ensure Nokia Phone Windows on display in retail stores

Windows Phone claimed to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. But he failed to steal attention because of the following operator retail stores often display them and prefer the Android handset. Nokia promised to change this so that consumers will easily test their own phones Nokia Phone Windows at the store.

4. Advertise the benefits of Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7.5 in particular considered competitive against Android and iPhone. Nokia wants to explain the advantage with promotions or advertising either.

5. Targeting businesspeople

WP 7 platform stated features strong enough to support business activities, such as Office 465 and email client capable. Nokia intends to more aggressively into the corporate market to reach more consumers.

6. Duet closely with the Microsoft platform

Nokia and Microsoft will focus on building the ecosystem together and influence each other. It is not possible there will also be Windows-based tablet Nokia 8.

Was the above strategies can produce results? Well, we'll wait till version of Windows mobile phone market Nokia comes greeted the planned year-end 2011.