August 25, Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Fight Fate

German court will hold a public hearing between Samsung and Apple on 25 August, before deciding to 'fate' marketing Galaxy Tab 10.1 Europe.

The plan, Apple and Samsung will deliver the demands and their defense before a German court next week. Meanwhile, recently released his own decision is expected in early September. Similarly, reported by Cnet, on Monday (8/15/2011).

Last week, a German court banned the Samsung Electronics sold 10.1 Galaxy all EU countries except the Netherlands, following claims that Apple is accused South Korean vendors that mimics the design and technology in the iPad or iPhone.

"It's not a coincidence that Samsung's latest products like the iPhone and iPad, ranging from hardware to display the user interface, even the packaging," said Apple some time ago.

Responding to an adverse decision of his party, the Samsung insisted on an appeal. Moreover, they claimed did not receive information related to the judicial process.

"Samsung has not received notice of the filing of this suit. In addition, the decision was given by the court without a hearing process or the submission of evidence from Samsung," he protested Samsung.

"We will do everything to ensure Samsung's mobile devices available to consumers in Europe and worldwide," said Samsung.