Tablet Android Super Fast Ready to Prevent iPad

King  tablet iPad (Apple) should be prepared to face the pressure of an increasingly powerful Android. Moreover, Android tablets with a high performance ready to slide into the market, later this year.

Party Nvidia claims tablets with quad-core chips Kal-El will be released in the near future. "Tablets with the support of Kal-El will slide this fall, as well as the CES 2012 event for its line of mobile phones," Nvidia said in a statement to Cnet, on Monday (9/15/2011).

As is known, the output processor Nvidia became the most popular for Android tablets Xoom Honeycomb like Motorola, Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Toshiba and Acer Thrive Iconia Tab A500. Tablets in the future Sony will also reportedly use the Tegra chip.

Kal-El is itself a form of 'small' of 12-core GeForce GPU and is able to display HD quality video in 'extreme'. "Our latest generation of processors, Kal-El, has a very robust design. We also have a good relationship with Google. So after Kal-El chip ready for production, we will 'run' (in this market)," said Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

One thing that is a concern of the use of super-fast processor is a very large power consumption. But Huang was dismissed anxiety. "Kal-El had better performance than Tegra 2, but with less power consumption," he explained.

"Very few people realize that Kal-El consumes less power than Tegra 2 in all aspects," said Huang.

Motorola is referred to as a strong candidate for this processor users in future tablet-tablet. Speculation was sticking out after CEO Sanjay Jha had stated that it will issue a tablet that is "far more aggressive" end of the year. Besides Motorola, Asus also pointed out as candidates Nvidia users Kal-El.