Why Google's Acquisition of Motorola?

Chief Executive Officer of Google Larry Page gave an explanation for the Internet giant's surprise decision to acquire Motorola's Mobility worth USD12, 5 billion, last night.

Since its launch in November 2007, Android is now a major player in the OS market. There are currently no less than 150 million devices around the world adopt the Android operating system, where more than 550 thousand new device is switched on every day.

Page claimed that Google's acquisition of Motorola's decision is part of their efforts to develop the operating system even further.

"Following the phenomenal success of Android, Google is always looking for new ways to develop the ecosystem. I am therefore very excited to announce that we have agreed to acquire Motorola," Page said in a statement quoted by Cnet, on Tuesday (08/16/2011).

"Motorola has a history for more than 80 years of innovation in technology and communications products. So also in the development of intellectual property, which helped push the mobile computing revolution that we can enjoy today," Page added.

"2008, Motorola did a big gamble by making the Android operating system as a single throughout his smartphone devices. It was a gamble that smart and we are delighted with the success they have achieved to date. We believe the mobile business they will continue racing," he continued again.

Page explained that the cooperation between the two giant companies were later able to create an amazing experience for users while enhancing the quality of the Android ecosystem for the benefit of consumers, partners and developers.

Even so, Google acquired Motorola's decision inevitably raises concerns for Android users other vendors. They are certainly anxious Motorola would benefit more from Google.

However, Page quickly dismissed such concerns. "This acquisition will not change the commitment to run Google's Android as an open platform. Motorola will continue to be one of the owners of Android and the Android licensing remain an open platform. We will run the Motorola as a separate business," he said.

"Many other hardware partners who have contributed in the success of Android, and we continue to look forward to working with them all for the sake of presenting a great user experience," said Page.