Researchers Find Defects in iPhone Software

A flaw in the software on the iPhone and iPad devices discovered by a researcher. Reportedly, this flaw allows a hacker to make the application 'toxic' is used to steal data in the device.

Researchers from Accuvant Lab, Charlie Miller test of this vulnerability by creating a clone of malicious programs. We tested is inserted into the App Store, it turns out that Apple's security tests do not detect that the program is malicious, and meloloskannya.

I have found no evidence that any meddling hands that exploit this vulnerability in IOS software. But with the trial of Miller, now open the possibility of malware on the App Store.

"Until now you could mendonwload anything from the App Store and not worry that the program is malicious or not. Now, you should be aware of these programs," said Miller, as quoted by Reuters on Thursday (8/11/2011) .

Apple is said by security that hackers could have created an application then secretly install programs that can steal user data, send SMS, or rummaging through the information in it.

Miller himself had previously found a bug in the text messaging system owned iPhones in 2009. This bug makes the attacker can take over control of these devices.