Microsoft: Xbox 360 Sales of 57 Million Units

Xbox 360 gaming console market, including a compelling product. Microsoft has just announced that since its launch until now, the Xbox 360 has sold over 57 million units worldwide.

Popularity of these consoles are not likewise fade. Even in the last nine months, the Xbox 360 is a gaming console with the most sales, beating the rival PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

Total sales of the Xbox 360 also beat the PlayStation 3. According to Sony, PlayStation 3 sold a total of 55.5 million units, the excess of 1.5 million units lower than the Xbox 360. It's just that it should be noted that Xbox 360 is available one year longer than PS3.

Although a bit lost popularity in recent years, the Nintendo Wii gaming console continues to be the highest total sales. That is 89 million units since its launch.

Nintendo itself was preparing a successor to the Wii, namely Wii U which is planned to be marketed in mid-2012. Thus as quoted from DigitalSpy, Tuesday (11/08/2011).