LG 42LV5500 Review

LG 42LV5500 Review
LG 42LV5500 Review. One of the road of LED televisions unveiled by LG for this year is that the LG 42LV5500. This stunner is appropriate for those that got to maximize living house because it solely incorporates a 42-inch sized screen. however it’s never short on imaging technologies, despite of this.

Your eyes will feast on 1080p high-definition pictures that carry twice the standard of these from a regular definition TV. Get the simplest LG 42LV5500 Review during this web site.

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LG 42LV5500Review

SmartTV is permits you to require advantage of its Magic Motion Remote-control . This wand-like device is employed to maneuver round the cursor on the screen, following the motion of your hand. Definitely, this can be a so much cry from your usual IR remote controller. SmartTV and Magic Motion Remote-control along build for a additional pleasurable net surfing expertise using your TV. It conjointly comes embedded with Skype software, therefore you'll get to bear together with your loved ones while not a laptop.
LV5500 series TV has an inbuilt USB port that enables several electronic product with the same port to connected to the TV. samples of connectable devices embrace a digital camera, mp3 player, pc or flash memory. This USB association permits the viewer to use the TV to concentrate to look at pictures direct from a camera, hear music direct from an mp3 player, or read files direct stored on a pc arduous drive.

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WHAT’S ON TV? EVERYTHING you would like.

LV5500 series TVs are DLNA compliant. Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) technology permits viewers to seamlessly access content stored on different DLNA-certified devices like computers, digital cameras, mobile telephones, mp3 players or another LG device. The DLNA may be a cluster of electronics firms that are operating cooperatively to harmonize device specifications so devices will all higher communicate along as a part of an integrated home network or intranet. the fundamental objective is to permit simple communication with different DLNA compatible devices.


The good TV capability provides access to the proprietary Netcast Entertainment Access platform. This platform permits net connectivity with none would like for a separate pc. Basically, the TV functions because the pc.
The Netcast Entertainment Access platform provides a good vary of applications that are customized for LG (if necessary) like Picasa Hulu, Skype, youTube, and even on-line movie services like Netflix. The platform conjointly includes an internet browser. Connectivity will be activated in 2 ways in which.


You can Access Unlimited Content from LG SmartTV
A association to the net will be achieved by using the Wi-Fi USB dongle (wireless broadband modem adapter). Alternatively, connectivity will be achieved by linking the TV via a built-in Ethernet port to a home pc network. For additional result click LG 42LV5500 Review.

LG 42LV5500 Reviews Technical Detail.

Smart TV permits you to access limitless content, thousands of flicks, customizable apps, videos and therefore the better of the online all organized in an exceedingly easy to use interface

Full HD 1080p offers it superior image quality over commonplace HDTV. You’ll see details and colours like never before.
TruMotion 120Hz technology enables you to see sports, video games and high-speed action with nearly no motion blur
A distinction ratio of five,000,000:1 delivers incredibly vibrant colours and deeper and darker blacks
LG’s LED technology provides a slim profile and delivers superb brightness, clarity and color detail, furthermore as bigger energy potency

LG 42LV5500 Reviews extra Feature.

Make Digital Devices Compatible.

To build a digital network, you wish digital devices. That’s obvious. however unless those devices are compatible, it won’t be abundant of a network. DLNA Certified devices work along.

Save over Energy.

Earning the ENERGY STAR means that a product meets strict energy potency tips set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and therefore the Department of Energy. For TVs, it means that they save energy each in standby and active (when they’re on) modes. ENERGY STAR–qualified TVs use concerning half-hour less energy than commonplace units.

Wise and Not Wsateful.

With our good Energy Saving options, you'll conserve cash and energy.

ISFCCC prepared.

LG’s ISFccc prepared HDTVs contain the detailed standards necessary for skilled calibration of brightness, contrast, tint, sharpness, color levels and far additional to fulfill native lighting conditions for each daytime and nighttime viewing. Settings are added to preset modes for simple access from your LG remote.

Find the right image.

Get simple self-calibration with on-screen reference points for key image quality components like black level, color, tint, sharpness and backlight levels. Take the guesswork out of image changes with this simple-to-use feature. It’s not truly magic, however it'll positive appear that means.

Doubel the Detail.

This gorgeous image is that the reason you needed HDTV within the initial place. With nearly double the pixel resolution, Full HD 1080p offers it superior image quality over commonplace HDTV. You’ll see details and colours like never before.

View It within the Rigth light-weight.

Let your TV do the changes for you. Intelligent Sensor automatically optimizes the image to the lighting and color conditions within the area for a additional enjoyable viewing expertise.

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LG 42LV5500 Customer’s Review

Below is M. R. Reynold’s (Tulsa, OK United States) LG 42LV5500 Reviews And comment concerning his LED HDTV 42LV5500.

See my uploaded photos. I selected this TV primarily based on size and therefore the smart image I saw on this model at Sears. Purchased from Amazon when worth searching. UPS delivered a rather scuffed up shipping box. The shipping box said it had the AUSYLJR panel. I compared the LG net web site distinction ratio to the 2 totally different Amazon stated distinction ratio and none agree. putting in the bottom with eight screws was simple. when my DW assisted me in fastidiously lifting the TV to the highest of my dresser i used to be prepared for the smoke take a look at. however initial I noticed alittle factory nick on the frame below the protecting sticky tape. One star deduction for this blemish. On power up the set went into an easy originated mode however i used to be stopped cold when it initial needed to scan OTA channels. I attached some powered rabbit ears and let it automatically do it’s factor. Once that was done I switched the input to an HDMI cable from my cable box and every one looked smart. it had been quite simple obtaining a WiFi association. All I had to try to to was enter my Linky password. Then I clicked on Netflix and got an authorization message. Meanwhile the TV started updating its software that took perhaps ten minutes. when it rebooted I discovered that it erased my Linky password therefore I entered that once more. currently for the Netflix take a look at.
I selected the documentary Restrepo, keen my headphones and commenced the Netflix take a look at. Immediately i used to be blown away by the video and audio quality i used to be watching. Trust me. it had been outstanding ! !
Second day impression:
The few free LG apps are a joke. The Facebook app isn't superb compared to the Facebook laptop net web site. The TV broadcast image appeared plenty darker than I liked therefore I turned off the energy saving mode that solved the matter. I noticed that when my cable DVR, in pause mode, visited a black screen with alittle moving screen saver image there was a less black space round the moving image. The Amazon worth simply dropped on this model. Amazon then agreed to match their new cheaper price – just one occasion solely.
First week impression:
The LED lighting slightly leaks through the air vent holes on the rear of the set. This LG TV continues to be displaying an excellent image however I’m not abundant a friend of LED TVs. I like my older Samy 650 LCD solely model in my TV area. This TV was assembled in March 2011 and sold to me by Amazon in April 2011. Amazon looks to alter the value up and down on this TV nearly everyday. The LG shipping box goes to trashman these days as a result of I’m keeping my baby.
Second week impression:
Discovered that you simply don’t got to install any LG provided software to simply play mp3′s or see jpg’s that are located on any of your native network’s computers.

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