LG Infinia 55lw5600 Review : A Passive 3D 2011 HDTV

LG Infinia 55lw5600 Review will save you a lot of time as it provides you with information which you want to know about this TV. It is a fabulous TV that allows you unlimited content from the web and other channels. Buying LG Infinia 55lw5600 means you have bought a Smart TV, which offers you ultimate internet and user-interface. So, you do not have to leave your couch either to turn on your PC or laptop. In addition to this, with its magic remote you cannot only control the TV but also enjoy web browsing.

Its unprecedented features and sound body are worth its price. It offers you 'LED plus', which means you can enjoy crispy images and rich colors. LG Infinia 55lw5600 feature will make your watching experience extraordinary. LED Plus technology provides better contrast and clarity through local dimming technology, unlike usual LCD TVs.

In addition, LG Infinia 55lw5600 offers Cinema 3D technology due to which you can enjoy 3D and HDTV entertainment right on your couch. Isn't that what you were looking for? Cinema 3D technology of LG is based on the same principles which are used by movie theatres in 3D movies. So, buying LG 55LW5600 means you do not have to spend money to go to cinemas.

LG Infinia 55lw5600 offers you all sorts of high speed actions, sports and video game as it has TruMotion 120Hz technology. The picture quality of standard HDTV is not very good but LG 55LW5600 offers you a good quality picture as it is Full HD 1080p. Full HD 1080p means double pixel resolution, unlike standard HDTV.

Its Passive 3D glasses are lighter as compared to the traditional glasses that are used to watch 3D TVs. Unlike traditional 3D glasses, passive 3D glasses use no batteries, which is its great pro. In addition, its shutter-free technology relieves your eyestrain. LG Infinia 55lw5600 is ENERGY STAR® qualified, which means it is an energy efficient TV. More precisely, this TV saves energy in standby and active modes alike by consuming about 30% less energy than standard TV's.

Wifi ready connectivity is its plus, which means you do not have to connect messy wires with your TV to access the online content. Moreover, it is a DLNA Certified® TV, which means you can stream music and photos from your PC to the television.

In short, The LG Infinia 55lw5600 is a great 3D TV and you can buy it with full confidence.

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