MacBook Pro MC700LL/A

The presentation of the final solution from Apple ultra-portable on the market: the MacBook Pro MC700LL / A 13.3-inch laptop.

With only 8.94 x 0.95 x 12.78 inch MacBook Pro MC700LL/A that does not rely on a strong performance and multitasking, has a powerful processor the new line of Intel's Sandy Bridge: The dual-core i5 processors.

MacBook Pro MC700LL/A ideal for a laptop, take it anywhere because benefits can increase the computational tasks of the dual-core processor and get a lot of memory to run.

MacBook Pro MC700LL/A Best Deal

The Apple MacBook Pro MC700LL / A 13.3-inch laptop is a great resource in terms of portability is to be used. You can stay connected, wherever you are movies and high quality video calls, or just work on your computer when you are. There is no shortage of space, so that you keep a diary of your daily activities and photos in the performance that you  will show you ever managed without asking them first.

Since this is a very portable laptop, you might ask yourself how it can help you in terms of connectivity. Rest assured that this MacBook Pro will allow you to connect to most Wi-Fi networks without any problems, and when you reach the office, there is also the wired networking option, so you can just plug in your laptop and remain connected. If you're obsessed in terms of connectivity, you can always get your laptop connected via the cell phone networks so you never lose touch with the online world wherever there is coverage.

Some might think that with such a small laptop, the storage space will be low. This is not true in the case of the MacBook Pro, since it comes with a 320GB hard drive, so you can take your files, movies, photos and music everywhere with you. MacBook Pro MC700LL/A hard drive will not perform the best if the application relies heavily on HDD speed, since it's speed is limited to 5400 rpm. If you're a tech nerd and are into upgrading, you might want to take your laptop first to one of the Apple stores and see what can be done in terms of a better HDD. If not, get your own screwdriver and install a better hard drive with 7200 rpm for example. If you really want to go Pro, then you might want to look for the new SSD technology. It might cost quite a bit, but performance-wise you really get the bang for your buck.
If you want to take this laptop everywhere with you, you have to know that the battery life on this notebook is rated at 7 hours. That's more than you'll ever need on any trip no matter how long it is. One thing that makes this longevity possible is the Turbo Boost technology that comes in the Intel Core i5 processor. This is a balancing feature between system performance and power saving. When you require the system to work at full potential, the processor will power up to maximum performance and when in idle mode, or little to no activity is detected, the core will go down to about 1.6GHz, thus saving power and needed battery life.

With such a minimalist design, you'll be glad to know you can run high quality movies due to the incorporated GPU that comes in the processor. It will use up a bit of system memory to run properly, but since there are 4GB of memory, a small share of that won't be noticed in most applications. This laptop is not intended to be used as a gaming laptop, since it would require a dedicated graphics card, but you can probably run most games out there at a low to medium quality setting.

Due to the incorporated FaceTime HD camera you can now video chat with your friends and family and be seen wherever you might go. This camera bursts with quality unlike previous models, so there won't be any choppy images during video chatting sessions. Also the technology that goes into this thing makes it great even in low lighting situations, so you can continue chatting without turning on all the lights to be seen properly.