Garmin nüvi 1450LM

The Garmin Nuvi 1450LM GPS  provides intuitive user interface gives you two simple questions: Where? Map and.

Touch touch the color screen to search for addresses and services and by-turn voice guidance, that the talk of the street your destination. It comes with detailed City Navigator ® NT street maps, nearly 6 million points of interest (POI), 2-D or 3-D maps and the speed limit on most major roads in the United States and Europe.

View over the world with large widescreen Garmin Nuvi 1450LM. It provides free maps, live, multi-point routing, lane assist with junction view to guide you through the busy streets and pedestrian routing options for fuel ecoRoute shortest route available.

Garmin Nuvi 1450LM  includes advanced navigational features to take the journey. With route planning you can save 10 routes, specify via points and preview simulated big screen Garmin Nuvi 1450LM. In addition to the nüvi automatically controls Garmin Nuvi 1450LM several objectives provide an efficient route for errands, deliveries or sales calls. A trip log provides an electronic crumbs to 10,000 points, so you can see where you were on the map.

Garmin nüvi 1450LM Best Feature

It is easy to see where you go,Garmin Nuvi 1450LM to 5-inch touchscreen. Map, driving directions, photos and more vivid colors and brilliant. With its widescreen and fat that you just miss.

Includes free updates for life cards

Map of free updates for life, you always have the latest maps, guides and navigation information at your fingertips. Map updates are available for download up to four times per year. And "ready to go right out the box with no subscription or update and no expiration date.

Surf City Transit

With its advanced pedestrian navigation,Garmin Nuvi 1450LM the perfect companion for the city. Download Option cityXplorer content to help you navigate the city by public transportation. Know where to go, where the buses, subways, trams and other modes of transport and how long it takes to get there. CityXplorer maps for some cities in North America and Europe. And with prices starting at $ 9.99, want money to spend in a big city.

Garmin nüvi 1450LM Technical Details

Navigation is just the beginning. Garmin Nuvi 1450LM saves gas and money with ecoRoute - a feature that economic greenways, trails and more fuel calculation. The Garmin Nuvi 1450LM includes applications such as JPEG picture viewer, world travel clock with time zones, currency converter, unit converter, calculator and more. 

With photo navigation, you can download images from Garmin Connect Photos and go to them. With its Where Am I? Emergency locator, you always know your location. Simply tap the screen to get your exact latitude and longitude, the nearest address and intersection, and hospitals, police stations and gas stations. Garmin Nuvi 1450LM features Garmin Lock, an anti-theft, and is compatible with our free Garmin Garage where you can download custom vehicles and products. Enhance your travel experience with optional plug-in microSD cards.
  • Lifetime Maps
  • Lane Assist with Junction View
  • 5" Touchscreen
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