Panasonic TC-P50GT25 3D HDTV Plasma

If you want to purchase 3D TV and bring the action and detail of 3D televisions technology into your own home,
The Panasonic TC-P50GT25 50 inch HDTV Plasma 3D TV is what you are looking for. This 3D TV is filled with detail so you are feeling like you're actually in the middle of the action. Moreover, it presents you a superb viewing experience.

The Panasonic VIERA 50 inch Features:
It is a brand new 3D technology which provides you superb in-home theatre experience. You can access the internet through VIERA Cast, options include: YouTube and Picasa Web Albums, Pandora Internet Radio, Netflix movies (paid service), FOX Sports, Twitter, and in-home Skype video and audio conferencing.
The Panasonic TC-P50GT25 50 inch HDTV Plasma 3D TV is up to the excessive standard issued by the THX Certified Display Program. The rigorous tests ensure that the pictures of the TV produced has a filmmaker quality.

The TC-P50GT25 presents something great for all of the gaming lovers. There is a specialized Game Mode which minimizes time lag when displaying gaming images. So, on the Game Mode you will note the motion resolution and distinct details that offers you the best viewing and interactive gaming experience.

Photo's & Video's:
The Panasonic TC-P50GT25 50 inch HDTV Plasma 3D TV also contains USB terminals for a keyboard and Wireless LAN Adaptor. The Image Viewer allows you the option to see your photo's as full-HD photos using the built-in with the SD card slot. So you can get pleasure from your photos and videos with family and friends in your large display HDTV, and just for an even more thrilling expertise you can even select one of the five alternatives of background music and 5 display effects.

Crosstalk & Afterimages:
The 3D eyewear (offered separately) reduces crosstalk and has more instantaneous shutter control. This ensures that the 3D images are displayed with no visible afterimages. Therefore, it provides a clearer more precise viewing experience. The Infinite Black Panel helps to maintain the blacks rich and reduce graying in bright locations so it retains your picture clearer, and more real and defined.

This 3D televisions is achieved many nice reviews; it has a lot to supply, much more than just a TV that's for sure. This must be a definite contender in your research of least expensive 3D TV options and value for money when finding for a top quality 3D TV home viewing experience.