Archos 70 Tablet Best Android Tab On The Market For The Price

There are a lot of internet tablets out on the market since Apple released the iPad, but there is only one that can really stand up against it. This is the Archos 70, which comes in 8GB and 250GB versions, though obviously the 250GB is better.
The Archos 70 offers some standard apps that just don't stand up to how some users would expect. One of these is the media player, which doesn't support all the types of files for some videos, and the company offers an upgrade....for $15. There is a way around this though, as again, the Android Market offers other apps that support more of these file types.
Probably the coolest thing is that the Android Market offers emulators for game console systems, home and handheld. However, users that also have a Wii will love the fact that they can download an app that will allow them to use the Wii Remote, Classic and Classic Pro controllers to play, using Bluetooth technology. Though cell phones can do this too, it's much more fun on this larger screen. There are tons of these games that can be downloaded and played on the Archos 70, with the buttons for controlling the games on the screen. Once again, users can easily find instructions to do this online.
Archos 70 tablet comes with Adroid's Eclair OS, but that is easily upgraded to the newest released Frozen Yogurt, which offers Flash capabilities so that the internet can be viewed fully rather than the mobile version of pages. However, users won't be able to download the Flash app through the Archos store, AppLibs, because Adobe hasn't certified them to do so yet. Instead, they must download the Google Android Market, the direction which can be found in the fan forums Archos easy. Plus, the Android Market does have a better overall selection of apps, though some users will still find AppLibs satisfying.
As for other things, basically the easiest way to find a fix for something on this Archos 70, or to find new things to use it for, is to look at the fan forums. There are a lot of answers to questions in there and more Archos 70 review, as the tablet doesn't really come with a lot of instructions on how to do things. Overall, this is the best $350 that I have ever spent, and this product will surely last years and years! Have fun with yours!