Sony VS LG Scramble Blue-ray

Fierce fighting between Sony and LG occurred in the Netherlands, the Dutch government seized thousands of PS3 game console in warehouses and shops including those already in consumers' homes.

This happens in because sony is considered infringed technology patents owned by LG Blue-ray.

This command means that LG tighten the net on the PS3 in Europe, having been ordered customs officials to seize thousands of consoles last week.

Sony will strive to have the blockade lifted up at an emergency meeting in The Hague civil court of justice tomorrow.

If Sony is found in violation of patents LG, it could be forced to compensate the South Korean manufacturer for every PS3 has sold worldwide, which could cost hundreds of millions of pounds.

Sony party still it would appeal, while Lg stick with its decision, the PS3 will destroy product that has been in foreclosure.

I thought of at the break better in the regions contributed to the conflict that his children are in need of comfort.

Tenologi Blue-ray which is owned LG in the suspect used unilaterally by Sony, causing problems.

Come peace agreement that created the best, do not let the company issue, ultimately harming consumers.