Next Generation Wii Fact or Rumor?

Heard the news about the next generation of the Nintendo Wii, is this just a rumor? when viewed from this Microsoft technology is very possible because the technology is ready.

Five-yearly cycle of game maker is likely to occur, but with current technology movement rather than who is fast he will get a big profit.

If during this game makers get around with the software update or remove the supporting products, such as kinect, then 5 yearly cycle should be replaced in 2 years.

Could it be issued the latest version? let's see the facts.

Rumor: That Nintendo will announce a summer-up to the Wii at E3 in Los Angeles followed. The device will feature a Blu-ray drive, a quad-core processor and built-in projector LEDs, maybe so you can project the game to the wall rather than relying on a large TV screen. There is also murmours 3D support.

Proof: Much of the information that eating this rumor originated from IGN posted an article last December, which collects a variety of obscure and vague quotes from third-party developers and about the possibility of personal Nintendo Wii sequel. This article includes a chart that shows how each iteration of the Nintendo hardware launch since the SNES in 1985 has had approximately five years of age. And as the Wii launched in November 2006, we as a change-up.

Elsewhere, several sources have observed that the previous title in the massively popular series Nintendo Zelda - Twilight Princess - was released for both GameCube and Wii in a kind of cross-generational baton pass.
And Nintendo has a new Zelda titles, Sword of the sky, will be released this year. Can the Big N will be looking to try to trick the same campaign twice? Charlotte Martyn, editor Ngamer official Nintendo magazine, think not, according to a quote on Tech Radar, but shows that, "E3 this year would seem logical as a substitute for the Wii to be confirmed, given the list reduced for the current release of the console".

Doubt: Blu-ray, the processor and projector details seem to come from an anime and manga news site called 3anime, which opens a new story by claiming that Nintendo has 'confirmed' replacement Wii. It is not - not even a little - and that rather puts the rest of the information is questionable. In addition, Nintendo is never filled with expensive hardware components advanced, so Blu-ray player, quad-core processors and projectors bespoke seem to be a red herring. As Time Magazine's Techland blog points out, "projected the video did not line up for the company's commitment to the motion game Standing in front of the projector will only make a big shadow .."

Verdict: Forget the technology specification, it is alleged to say. But it makes sense for the Nintendo Wii to announce this 2 years, with the launch of 2012. Companies can utilize and build hype around the launch 3DS, and with Wii sales falling, can reconnect with a large mainstream audience. "I would be very surprised if Nintendo did not make the hardware announcement at E3," says Tim Ingham, editor of gaming news site, CVG.

"Microsoft and Sony have been aggressively moving into the space created by Nintendo, and can not compete with hardware that becomes obsolete. And, of course, people just want to buy a new shiny stuff, it will be like a shallow way. Wii not new and shiny again, it's not something your news or lifestyle journalists want to write about. "

But there are other factors which should be encouraging Nintendo to go with the announcement of E3. Yesterday, CVG ran an interview with Christofer Sundberg, co-founder of Just Cause developer, Avalanche. He believes very strongly that the next generation console will not display the optical disk drive. This point Philip Oliver, co-founder of Blitz Games Studios, has been made before: the physical media is dead.

Sony heading in this direction, either through the PSP Go and NGP recently announced console, which will use the flash card memory, not disks. But Nintendo also be in the best position to realize the digital distribution revolution. As Ingham show: "Nintendo is the best position to go digital-only has a client base that is used for playing games on devices like the iPhone, using its core are comfortable with downloading digital small game and use this as their primary source. Play."

So, with the Wii 2 is strong enough, boasting a strong digital download service and visual HD (must consider a large increase in sales of LCD TVs from Wii), Nintendo may establish next-gen conversation without using cutting-edge hardware component.