The Nokia Lumia 800 Microsoft Windows Mobile True

Nokia has just launched Lumia 800 smartphone that uses Windows Phone OS. With a confident CEO Stephen Elop as Nokia call it a true Windows mobile phone, a claim that is approved by Microsoft.

Nokia seems to want to differentiate their handsets with products of other vendors who also use Windows Phone like Samsung and HTC. Naturally, Nokia hang hopes on Windows Phone to be able to return bertaji in the smartphone market.

Microsoft is also hoping a lot on the Nokia support claims that the Lumia Nokia 800 is a true Windows mobile phone. This support might make other vendors that also adopt Windows Phone dianaktirikan.

"When he (Elop-ed) to say I feel very enthusiastic and positive. This is about all the things that support these phones, advertising campaigns, connections to consumers, and brands that actually support it," said Joe Belfiore as the Head of the Windows Phone .

"I think what will be done Nokia will be quite different from what has been done other manufacturers of Windows Phone. So from this perspective, I think he is fair to claim that," he added, quoted by the Telegraph, Saturday (29/10/2011).

According to Joe, the other handset vendors focus more on Android while Nokia is really prioritizing Windows Phone. Nokia says has a good quality hardware, a very high quality standards as well as visual design that makes Windows Phone to be different.