The New BlackBerry Bold Touch Latest Blackberry 2011

Latest Blackberry 2011. It has been quite a long time since Research In Motion Ltd released a new BlackBerry mobile phone. The latest BlackBerry handset to be announced is known as the BlackBerry Bold Touch. It is very thin and weighs only about 130 grams. It measures at 115 x 66 x 10.5 mm so it is very easy to hold and be placed in your hand. The new touch screen technology is the latest improvement in BlackBerry phones. The user can choose if they will use the touch screen feature or maintain with the old but reliable QWERTY keyboard setup which would be my personal preference.

This will be the very first handset to feature the brand new Blackberry OS7. It also includes the well acclaimed BlackBerry App World, which will allow you to buy and download different applications for the new smart phone quickly and easily. The new and improved system will allow fast downloads of applications and can be used without charge. Internet experience is also very good for the phone largely due to its dual-band Wi-Fi support. It can support high-speed connections and has a wide reaching area to connect to wireless networks. Browsing the internet is very easy to do because the BlackBerry Bold Touch Latest Blackberry 2011 has JIT or just in time Java Script Compiler. Loading time for web pages will be faster and very convenient for users. You can enjoy using the internet and have faster downloading of different files.

The BlackBerry Bold Touch has  Latest Blackberry 2011 with full version of Docs To Go, which allows a user to open files using Word, Excel and Power Point. Now you can work in your smart phone as if you are working in a laptop or desktop computer. This feature gives opportunity for office workers to continue work on their reports even if they are away from office and without any access from a computer. Docs To Go's important features are all usable for this new BlackBerry phone together with a PDF viewer.

The camera system for the BlackBerry Bold Touch Latest Blackberry 2011 has a very good flash unit and panoramic photo capabilities. It has a 5 megapixel back facing camera that allows for capturing of photos and videos. Now users can enjoy clear quality photos and pictures anytime using the new BlackBerry Bold Touch. HD recording is possible up to 720p and it also has the latest connectivity options like micro USB and Bluetooth. The BlackBerry Bold Touch has 8GB of built in memory which can be increased up to 32 GB using a media card if you need to expand it.

The BlackBerry Bold Touch is Latest Blackberry 2011 expected to uplift the current sales of BlackBerry phones and gain market share with its other smart phone competitors. Going online is very easy and dependable for the new BlackBerry phone because of its 2.4 GHZ b/g/n- 5 GHZ a/n - mobile hotspot. Composing emails and other documents is still very convenient with this new smart phone as compared to its competitors. You can rely on this new phone to help you in your work especially in completing unfinished works in the office.

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