Apple TV, Steve Jobs last discovery

Before he died Steve Jobs does look is busy developing his latest work in a world of technology, namely Apple TV. This was told to Walter Isaacson Jobs when he was sick.

Isaacson is the author's biography Steve Jobs stated before he died, Jobs had to explain if when it is busy developing the latest invention that is the Apple TV that can be synchronized wirelessly by making a simple screen for the user.

Apple does have a decoder for television that were previously less successful in the marketplace. Therefore, Jobs thinks before closing age, he wanted to make the product better.

"He really wanted to do a better development for television, as he has done for computers, music players and cell phones. All devices are simple yet elegant look," said Isaacson.

"I want to create an integrated television and can be used easily," said Steve Jobs, quoted by Gadgets and Gizmos, Wednesday (26/10/2011).

"Apple TV can run smoothly when disingkronisasikan with all devices (Apple) owned by the user by using technology iCloud. No longer a user can use the remote to complete to be used as DVD players and other cable channels. This will be a display screen of the simplest for users. I hope that the user can imagine this technology. Finally I could solve it very well, "said Jobs.

Apple TV is said to be able to use cloud-based system that will allow users to search and access content that can be purchased through the Apple and third party services. It can give users the freedom to search for movies or video streaming that is not only accessible via Netflix or other services.