Xbox Live Billing Methods Criticized

Microsoft condemnation due to the Xbox Live service billing method that is considered detrimental to its customers.

An Xbox Live subscribers, Ryan Graves, cast a lawsuit to Microsoft after complaining that the company policy in dealing with their premium service bills. Graves even seeks class-action lawsuit, it was reported on TG Daily, Sunday (14/08/2011).

Graves is a member of Xbox Live service after registering himself through the console and enter credit card data so that Microsoft can bill them automatically during one year. But his account when the renewal period arrives, credit card Graves was not valid, so the membership was canceled.

Later, Graves decided to re-register on Xbox Live and pay a one-year subscription to a different credit card. But how shocked when I saw Microsoft Graves turns his credit card to charge up to two times.

When contacting Microsoft, Graves was told that it was standard company policy. Graves to pay the bill for two years because when the credit card billing is rejected, its membership has not been canceled by Microsoft. Instead, Graves Xbox account is considered as a delayed billing, so that when he was updating kredinya card information, your account will be running again.

The problem is that Graves did not receive such information when entering a new credit card information. He learned that policy after paying the Xbox Live service for different periods.

Microsoft accused had violated the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, Graves allegedly is working on replacement costs and compensation by Microsoft. But he did not explain the details of exactly how much compensation it demands from Microsoft.