The unrest caused by the Blackberry Messenger, Teen Arrested in London.

The riots that occurred in London is still associated with the BlackBerry Messenger service. BlackBerry Messenger service declared to be one of the rioters who used to organize and group. In fact, a teenager has been arrested related to it.

Decisive action has been manifested by the British police with the arrest of adolescents aged 18 from Clacton. He didawa guilty of using the BlackBerry Messenger service to encourage his friends to imitate the violence and looting that occurred in England.

Adolescent women who are not named will be advanced in court on 1 September. Towage cases a person as a result of this use BlackBerry Messenger is the premier case handled by the police.

Then, a man aged 27 from Southampton is also punishable by law due to incitement of violence via the services contained on this BlackBerry device. In addition to BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook and Twitter has also become the tools utilized rioters.

ClickOCLOCK quoted from the Telegraph, Sunday (14/08/2011), British police have the power to access stored data, including monitoring the movement of social networking sites. RIM itself previously reported to have agreed to cooperate with the police in terms of providing information related to violence in the UK.