In German Galaxy 10.1 Blocked

Samsung Not Given Opportunity Defend Yourself

Court decisions in Dusseldorf, Germany which prohibit Samsung sells a tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1 EU region is obviously quite shaken this South Korean vendors. Samsung explained that they were not given a chance to defend themselves.

In a statement, Samsung claims to have never been invited to submit their opinions in court against Apple. They were sorely disappointed.

"Samsung is disappointed with the decision of this court and we intend to act quickly to defend our intellectual property rights in the legal process in Germany and around the world," Samsung said in a statement, quoted ClickOclok from Cnet, on Wednesday (08/10/2011).

"Demand is registered with the court order without notice to the Samsung and the order was issued without a hearing or presentation of Samsung. We will take all necessary measures to ensure Samsung's innovative mobile devices available in Europe and the world,"

Well, Samsung seems ready to take the fight against a court decision in Germany, perhaps with the appeal. Moreover, Europe is the region which is considered very important marketing for Samsung.

Apple and Samsung are competing fairly in the fierce arena of smartphones and tablets. In the smartphone market, they just overtake Nokia as the world's largest smartphone vendors. Some parties considered, Apple began to worry with the lunge Samsung so they launched a lawsuit.