Google + Popular Among Parents Periphery Region

Based on a study from Experian Hitwise, Google+ social networking  proved to have high levels of popularity among parents who live in the suburbs.

Experian calls this group as the 'Kids and Cabernet', ie a well-established middle-aged couple and live in the suburbs, where their lives centered on their children. Similarly, reported by Cnet, Sunday (14/08/2011).

Conversely, from approximately 10 million samples in this study, Google + was less attention on "among the students who like to spend their free time in cafes."

Unfortunately, the Experian did not give his analysis of the results of their studies. But it could be the students who are accustomed to using Google + Facebook assess a little more complicated.

Alternatively, the group 'Kids and Cabernet' for this is not familiar with that found Google + Facebook as something new and fresh.

Google+  itself has been successfully seized more than 25 million members just a month after the service launched. Google+ determination to shift the dominance of Facebook as a social media increasingly reinforced by a new platform game recently released a limited basis.

Meanwhile, Facebook did not want his crown as king of social networking was taken for granted. Just hours after Google+  launched approximately 16 games debut, Facebook also announced a number of new features in its platform.