Found After 22 Apple Store Counterfeiting in China

The discovery of fake Apple Store in China that could color the news some time ago now reappear. Unmitigated, there are 22 more stores that falsify the Apple store.

In fact, only a few weeks of Apple's authorities ordered the closure of two fake Apple store. The discovery of these counterfeit stores previously done by Americans who live there and then publish on the blog.

China itself is known as the world's largest artificial market. But on the other hand, local government strictly prohibits the existence of counterfeit goods.

Chinese government to react quickly to close 2 stores located in these fake Kunming, but since then, other fake stores are growing like mushrooms one by one to find.

ClickOCLOCK According to a report quoted by Reuters on Saturday (13/10/2011), Administration of Industry and Commerce in the capital of Yunnan province said it had ordered stores to stop using the Apple logo after Apple China demanding they do not clean on the basis of competition and infringement patents.

The discovery of dozens of events over a fake Apple store, the authorities plan to create a hotline complaint acceptance and improve supervision.