Demanded Samsung, Apple is Not Accurate Proof?

Could Apple be inaccurate to present evidence to prove that the design of Galaxy Tab 10.1 cheating iPad?

Not long ago, a court in Germany's request to ban the sale of Apple Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 European Union, except the Netherlands. Cupertino-based company was accused Samsung has been imitating the design and technology iPad or iPhone to its line of tablets and smartphones Galaxy them.

But now sticking allegation that Apple has provided a less accurate evidence related claims against Samsung prompting the court to meet their demand.

As reported by Digital Trends, Tuesday (08/16/2011), the evidence presented photos showing the Apple iPad on the court and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a very similar shape and size. A number of media to assess the form of Galaxy 10.1 on images look more square than the original. Consequently, the alleged if Apple has modified the photo.

Apple representatives declined to comment on such speculation. But clearly, the evidence is successfully pushing the court banned the sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 almost all EU countries.

Not known if Apple used the same photo when it filed a lawsuit in Australia, where Samsung is also forced to postpone the sale of new tablet.