Blackberry Bold 9900 Come With Best Browser

We have recently seen the announcement of the new operating system some of the biggest names in the mobile phone industry. The most famous of these is Apple's announcement of the fifth version of the iPhone operating system, however, slipped two exciting new platform under the radar.

Windows 7 rolls out updates on a relatively new platform. This "Mango" version of the OS offers several improved features of the original platform. Blackberry also has the introduction of new platforms in the form of the Blackberry OS 7.0. The first model, the inclusion of these will be rolled out, Bold 9900, however, are the properties can be measured as mangoes system from Microsoft.

Of the two systems, Blackberry seems to offer more comprehensive, multi-tasking experience. Function to the limit here, that the Android platform that truly rivals in terms of ease of revision. Visually, the interface is not significantly different from previous versions, but in terms of functionality, it is much easier to navigate. One area that may have seen the biggest improvement is the browser that has long flipside of Blackberry phone.

This updated version now offers tabbed browsing to open multiple Web pages at the same time. A new voice search feature works well, while the entire Web browsing experience much faster than before. One thing the system and mango have in common is the lack of Flash support, which is disappointing. Internet connection through the Windows platform is much more evenly to all areas of your phone's browser, and not only spread.

The number of tiles that the home screen has been enhanced so that they show, you can get more information than ever before. A good example is "People" tiles, which are integrated with your social network accounts and constantly showing the latest updates from your friends. Level of information that will be spared physically on the screen, log into your account updated.

Blackberry Bold 9900 and the new operating system will benefit from the new Liquid Graphics system for all types of material to look more alive and more responsive than ever. System support is a form of accelerated graphics processors, and ensures that the images faster than ever to make. It also increases the responsiveness of the touch panel screen to complete the usefulness of this model.

Even with this increase, the platform can not quite up to stunning graphics for Windows Mobile and Microsoft is probably the best looking interface of all the available supply systems, including Apple on Android. Mango Windows 7 will be available to us an update for those looking for a handset based on this platform, while sorry BlackBerry-lovers need a new phone like investing Bold 9900, to incorporate the benefits of change.

Second update what is already good system to improve the operating system. Blackberry has a fan base and will surely prove to be a great success, while changes to the Windows system will be attractive to new entrants to further enhance this.
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