6 Innovations to be Developed Google-Motorola

Not many previous rumors regarding acquisitions made by Google on Motorola's Mobility. Funds that rains of up to USD12, 5 billion of this was no doubt surprised many.

Google CEO Larry Page said that this acquisition because his company wanted to develop an operating system more broadly. Although in fact, Page notes that Google's annexation of Motorola smartphone is not just limited to targeting only.

As we all know Motorola has a long history of innovation, even these companies do not just focus on handheld devices, but also excels in home devices, products and business video solutions. And Google does not arbitrarily take over Motorola, because long-term vision of Google's mission.

Of course, in addition to Android, there are technology and innovation that is being developed by Google. When this fusion occurs, then there are some innovations that would be presented after acquisition of this. And according to PC World, which was quoted on Tuesday (16/08/2011), there are six innovations that will arise.

Google TV
This is a deal that is very clear from the non-mobile. As we all know Google is developing Google TV to rival Apple TV. While Motorola is the producer of best-in-class settop box, let alone all this time Motorola has a good relationship with the cable company, the more smooth the step of Google TV.

Google Broadband Solution All-in-one
As is known, Kansas City, United States, became the first pilot project for Google's ultra high speed broadband. Of course, Google requires support manufacturing company Cable and DSL modem so that this project can be run successfully. Motorola is ready to become good partners.

Google Phone
Google included late in developing a service-based Voice Internet Protocol (VoIP). Through Google Voice, the company was of course hopes to develop similar products that can be used as a home phone.

Google GPS
MOTONAV navigation technology is owned by Motorola which is used in some GPS. Intergarasi with Google products that location-based course will strengthen their efforts this unit. Moreover, Google is quite famous in the digital map products, such as Earth and Street View.

Google Bluetooth
Very interesting awaits if Google develops innovative Bluetooth in everything. Motorola one of the company's Bluetooth products are fairly well established. You can imagine if Bluetooth will be integrated with Google Voice, Maps, Music and Gmail. Although this does not appear to innovation a priority.

Google's remote access software
Motorola has a remote access software called Timbuktu. When coupled with Google's products, we can be sure almost all devices in the home can be controlled with just one remote only.