UN55D8000 3D LED TV

Samsung is again trying to rule the market with the release of UN55D8000 3D LED TV in beginning of this year. After few weeks of its appearance, it seems that market positively response this HDTV. One indicator is that you can easily find customers Samsung UN55D8000 Review on the internet.

Why UN55D8000 3D LED TV is so hot? The reason is no other than its features and design. Yes! When other brands concentrate on features, Samsung Company also takes concern on design. In other mean, you’ll get 2 benefits from buying this HDTV. Your heart will be satisfied with all of its capabilities in showing world class images along with internet technology, while eyes will be pleased with its elegant looks design. So, what are you waiting for?

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What’s Offered by UN55D8000 3D LED TV

UN55D8000 3D LED TV Quick Features Overview:

• Two pairs of 3D glasses included in box
• Full HD 1080p resolution
• Samsung Smart TV
• QWERTY Remote Control

Samsung UN55D8000 Review (Design and Some Main Features):
Just a quick note, below Samsung UN55D8000 review is based only on our personal opinion about the unit. Don’t take this as the main reference. That’s why we’re also providing Samsung UN55D8000 customer review too. Let’s read it!

Well, we thing that the UN55D8000 3D LED TV display is its mainstay feature. With this, you will be able to see what you’re typing without needed to look up at the screen. Key action and spacing were enhancements on the other two previous model. Unlike the flipper found on the Boxee Box, Samsung’s remote control can sense which side is up and automatically deactivates the bottom side.

We’ve long lauded the all-picture design as the pinnacle of HDTV design, and Samsung’s newest high-end LEDs come closer than any HDTV so far. In person the image almost floats against the background, and the set’s ethereal feel is best conveyed by wall-mounting–and getting as huge a size as you can afford. As an additional bonus, hanging the Samsung UN55D8000 Review like a work of art enables you to lose the goofy spider stand.

As usual Samsung delivers one of the greatest suites of image adjustments for both 2D and 3D contents, presenting extras like adjustable custom dejudder, a 10-point grayscale, and color management that a lot of TVs lack. Three local dimming configurations are available on the UN55D8000, and there’s a Cinema Black setting that automatically dims the letterbox bar portion of 2.35:1 movies.

Different from the UND6400 model, the UN55D8000 does include 2 separate app and widget interfaces: the Samsung Apps and Yahoo Widgets. The latter is currently restricted to just 5 choices (Flickr, Twitter, Yahoo Weather, Finance, and News), even though the new “Yahoo Hot Apps” label on the remote gives us the impression more will be forthcoming.

Now, let’s read to one Samsung UN55D8000 Review from customer:

I haven’t had the TV long, so I’m not going to say much about it. So far, I’ve been pleased, though. I don’t have the 3D glasses yet, so one major feature is still untested. A previous reviewer mentioned a problem pairing the keyboard side of the remote. I had the same problem, and chatted with a Samsung rep. He linked me to an instruction page that had the key piece of information that doesn’t seem to be located anywhere else. You have to hold the remote VERY close to the TV when pairing. If I remember right, the instructions said within eight inches. I held the remote about four inches from the screen, and then it worked like a champ the first time. ~ By jk121220

Where to buy UN55D8000 3D LED TV?

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