HTC EVO 3D 4G Users Manual

Actually HTC EVO 3D 4G available in GSM version (as long as we knew stil in planning mode / “coming soon” term, not released yet), although this EVO 3D designed for Sprint Carrier in United State is using the CDMA Technology. We can called this device as HTC EVO 3D CDMA for Sprint. Because this device is a CDMA Smartphone, thus it will not works on GSM Data Networks (World Wide), though for Wi-Fi you can use it whenever your phone available on WLAN Hotspot Area.

Of course just like it’s name, HTC EVO 3D 4G means that this Smartphone dedicated in order to serve the 3D environment in it Display Screen including create the 3D Video. More importantly, you don’t need even a 3D glass to do able to “see and experience” the 3 Dimension “thing” from this EVE 3D, just like you watch the 3D Movies in Theater .

The 3D Capabilities comes for 3D S-LCD Capacitive Touchscreen attached as 4.3 inches Diagonal Diameter Display with QHD 540 x 960 pixels Resolution (16M colors). Beside the HTC EVO can be view and create 3D Videos or Movies or 3D TV , the Camera 5 Megapixels also capable to taking 3D photographs and view it directly the sensation or 3D Images on the Phone.

How about connectivity Data Networks? Don’t worry along with Sprint Carrier, the CDMA supports EVDO Rev A and capable to be used along with 4G Technology (fourt 4th Generation) with WiMAX 802.16 e. Almost forget, as an Android come from HTC, the User Interface on EVO 3D uses HTC Sense version 3.0 (though the newest version HTC Sense v4.0 is already available). Another features in the Display including 3 main Sensors that can’t be missed: Gyro, Accelerometer and Proximity Sensor (Auto Rotate Orientation for Accelero, Auto Turn off the Screen for Proximity). It also supports Multi Touch input method (pinch to zoom for example), and touch sensitive controls.

HTC EVO 3D Sprint User Manual Get Started Guide

There are two available language for Get Started Guide or sometime also named as Quick Start Guide of HTC EVO 3D 4G, the Spanish One and English One. Unfortunately for the User Manual / User Guide of EVO 3D, there is only one language available: The English one. The totals of the Manual available for this gadget are 3 PDF manuals. You can download it under “PDF Download” Section Tab, or for the User Guide PDF of HTC EVO 3D you can read directly via “Read Online” Tab

HTC EVO 3D Sprint User Manual Quick Get Started Guide - Keys Parts Layout - Resume
One important thing that you supposed to be done before you performing Hard Reset / Master Reset aka Factory Data Reset or you wanna update your HTC software throu HTC Software Update / upgrade process is backuping your Data and also all the file that you should save and do not want to be erased. One of the fastest solution and save solution how you can back up your data is using the HTC Sync. The tutorial can be found on page 122 of the UM of EVO 3D.

Continuing the back up process you can perform the Hard Reset by following this step by step instructions: Menu > Settings > SD & phone storage > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone. Otherwise you can also “do” the Factory Data Reset by using the keys / buttons (in offline/ power off mode): Press Hold Power Button + Volume button Down > Display turns on, Release Volume button > Select Factory reset using Volume button > Press Power keys to confirm > Done!. All this steps can be read with clear elaboration on page 64 of the User Guide of HTC EVO 3D.

There are a lot of more tutorials and helps available in the UG / UM of this gadget, for example the one that we shared on the picture above, is a tutorial that would help you to understand the keys and parts of the EVO 3D (actually we captured from Get Started Guide instead of User Guide). The one that we embedded above came from the GSG of the EVO 3D, you’ll got more detail and further explanation about keys and parts of this Smartphone if you read on the User Guide / User Manual instead of the GSG (see page 20 to page 23 of the UM PDF).

You can also learn how to set the alarm, how to pairing the bluetooth, how to use the EVO 3D as a Wi-Fi connection or Wi-Fi hotspot, learning to download apps from android market, watch movies trailer via HTC Watch before you decided to buy it, using TeleNav GPS Navigator as you turn by turn direction Navigator by Voice or not, lerning to use HTC Footprints to visit your visited location before and many more.