Symantec Mobile Security Report comes to the conclusion IOS vulnerable to attacks and Android

In the Bleak Symantec, dystopian world, deer Nott Whether you opt for Android or IOS - make themselves vulnerable, regardless of the domain that you are in the business as a security test between IOS Android - a company primarily for IT teams to determine which devices are safe, they can be issued to the employees. (Oddly, despite the focus of the company, not a single equation on the Blackberry.) IOS Although more brands Pls come to win the traditional malware counter and showed a modest benefit in terms of loss of data integrity of data and service compounds, the two platforms were both with regard to web attacks to prevent - and to take as powerless as the social engineering. And when it came around a series of security measures such as permission checks, enhanced Android.

Finally, Symantec (which sells its mobile security software, which) "There are still vulnerable to many kinds of attacks," to the conclusion that, since the two platforms can synchronize users with third-party applications and Web services or do not trust.

In fact, Symantec's thesis, that the approval process for Apple App Store helps explain, to block its leadership in the Department of malware. Moreover, in shocking news, Symantec said that the people jailbroken a particularly attractive target for attackers and that these devices are vulnerable, such as computers. Do not say nobody warned. Head after the break in a press release announcing the results, or if you're curious, press the source link for the PDF version of the full report.