Samsung Galaxy S II Most Anticipated Smartphones This Year

Samsung Galaxy S II. While the Samsung S Galaxy a tireless work on the segment of the Samsung brand high-end smartphones is a struggle to improve loses, and Samsung has decided to act quickly with the introduction of an alternative model for the phone. The Galaxy  S II of some of the phone will start at S Samsung pulled into the sunset with the task completed a famous brand in the high-end smartphones Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S II comes with a host of new features, including a new design, the Samsung phone will be even more attractive. Therefore, it is only attractive in terms of functionality, but also in terms of design. The maximum thickness Galaxy S II is due as 8.5 mm. Although very thin, it is always a screen measuring 4.3 inches in one dimension. This may not be the mass difference between the S 4-inch Samsung unit, but in terms of technology they use both screens, the Galaxy S II  miles off the S. Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy S II comes with the latest version TouchWiz UI, which was recently developed by Samsung, with a view of the Android OS will be more efficient. It is not only effective in the treatment of the processor 1 GHz, but also in terms of running applications. Of course, as the Android operating system, there are many applications for the Samsung S II Galaxy. These boxes are in internal memory, which is divided into two different options saved. It is a retail version for £ 699 16 GB is the United Kingdom. There is also the option for the 32 GB Samsung S Galaxy II consists of course you can care for the family to buy the phone that the phone comes with support for external memory card to 32 GB

The Samsung S Galaxy II, all the possible connections that doses are to be included in a mobile phone without damaging the battery. Yes, it comes with options such as Wi-Fi, 3G, DLNA, Wi-Direct, Bluetooth v 3.0, 2.0 V Micro-USB and USB On-the-go. E 'has a very comprehensive list of all these types of compounds that is in high-end phones today. Then, one need don't on the only option for complete information on the phone to leave. The 3G option in the Samsung S Galaxy II will be of particular interest to many in a position to be up to 21 MB per second in terms of download speed. The Samsung 32GB S II Galaxy is ready in March for a price of 708 pounds.

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