Toshiba Satellite L655-S5158 15.6-Inch Laptop

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For plenty of power, plus room to multitask, study and play, the Satellite L655 laptop is a great choice, with its famous Toshiba quality, value and style, and a generous 15.6” diagonal TruBrite HD display. 

This larger screen is great for doing more things at once, handling business at home or in the field, watching movies or playing online RPG games. New multi-core processors from Intel and AMD, plus lots of memory and storage, make it a strong all-around performer for students, small-business owners, families and light gamers, who’ll love its stunning Fusion Finish in a choice of colors. 

A webcam with Wireless-N, and wide range of ports, will keep them well connected with room to expand and share. 

Select models with HDMI or a Blu-ray Disc player deliver super-sized entertainment. And Toshiba “Smart Features”-like a Touch pad with multi-touch control and our power-saving eco Utility-make this laptop convenient for them and right for the environment too. With Toshiba, mainstream is far from mediocre.

Toshiba Satellite L655-S5158 Review

I own the L645 Toshiba, which is the "sister" computer to this one. I have written a full review of the L645 and it's issue with the fan and noise on Amazon. It is so similar to the L655, I feel I can mention a few things about the L655, and I can guide you to some vital information to read before buying the L655. My goal in this review is to help your search, and yes, I own enough Toshibas and a close enough model and have read enough from fellow Toshiba owners to comment on this, L655 model. Thank you. 

The L655 is routinely mentioned in the most visited thread on the Toshiba Forum--it has serious problem with noise. You must check out that thread, now at 6 pages long with over 3000 views, before buying the L655. This computer, according to those on the Forum, has a major fan and noise issue (as alluded to by another reviewer below). It is a software issues, not a CPU or GPU or hardware issues, and Toshiba will not fix it. 

I can tell you that, the L645 and L655 are very mediocre computers, and for a couple hundred dollars more, even Toshiba makes quieter and better spec'ed computers. I own 4 Toshiba notebooks, and the L645-655 series is the worst of the lot. 

The sound system on this computer is miserable--speakers are tiny and small, and it really takes away from the internet movies and videos. The power, as some have said, is lacking, so be prepared for the purchase of an extra battery if you plan to use this "off the grid" at all. 

I have given this model, and it's nearly identical L645, a middling grade at best. One of the benefits of the Ipad and tablets is the super quiet performance, and that is a certain consideration for anyone wanting this noisy laptop (esp since the iPad 2 tablet is $599 for wi-fi with 32GB memory). 

For anyone even thinking about this L655, google the words: toshiba forum cooling fan constantly on (or highlight the words here and right click and do your search that way) and read the long thread with many posts about the L655 and it's issues, even from those that have bought it as recently as last week. It's pretty scary reading, but at least you read it before buying. Otherwise, you will be reading it after you buy this laptop. 

Just providing some friendly advice so that you can be an informed shopper and make an educated decision. Thanks and enjoy your computer hunt.