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For anyone out there who are considering whether or not to make the leap and buy  iPad 2, this review is for you. If you're still debating between 1 and examination iPad 2 iPad my review of the first generation iPad here at Amazon to see discussion about the strengths and weaknesses with a number of comments (both positive and negative) over the past 11 months.

Physical Characteristics
 iPad 2 absurdly thin. More important than thinness of it is its tapered edge that feels more natural in your hand. One of the biggest complaints about the original iPad it's really not very comfortable to hold for long periods at a time. For tablet device that is designed to be held, it was a pretty big deal. Apple really has done an amazing job cramming everything into a smaller space than ever before and the difference is really noticeable when you hold the device. Apart from a pointed end, Apple has reduced the overall weight of  iPad 2. That may not seem like a big deal for most, especially if you consider the weight difference is not unusual when you have less than 2 pounds, but I spent most of the day I hold in my hand iPad and a surprising weight difference at the end of the day. The first generation was not heavy by any means, but  iPad 2 outshines it.

New and "Improved"
Apple RAM doubled in iPad 2 from 256MB to 512MB. What does it mean? For regular users of large, probably not much. There is a lump of performance that everyone will see the effects of in things like loading times for web pages that open in the background, but 256MB is enough for everyday use the most and the game. If you plan to use the device for a few games a clearer intense two IPAD does offer a better method of processing graphics that will help deliver faster image with jerky movements less. If you only play bird Angry and read e-mail you would not know the difference.

The screen is the same for all real purposes. Technically, the "new" part in that is not identical with the old one, it's slightly thinner and more efficient, but the same resolution. The Glass is thinner though, and this number is less reasonable weight from one generation to the next. In playing with this device seem surprising but despite feeling really light it feels more solid in your hand. I still would not suggest dropping it, but if you want to fall  iPad 2 certainly feels like it might have a better chance to survive. Try not to drop it though.

Addition of 2 cameras that are expected. There was a little surprised to see the first generation was released without a camera. Is it for consideration the price point, or means to get people to upgrade, Apple held to iPad 2. The camera did a reasonable job, but they will not replace a special digital camera, or really even a camera on your phone for most of the still image. The camera did a much better job with video, and FaceTime probably one of the best reasons to get iPad 2 of the  iPad original. For those who may not be familiar, FaceTime is Apple's face to face conferencing system, kind of like Skype, or if you prefer, kind of like the Jetson's TV / Phone. By pressing the button you can have a direct chat with loved ones anywhere in the world (providing they are on a wireless network at the time). FaceTime not work through 3G native (can be used through the wifi connection is made by a 3G device, however) so you will not be able to use it in your car in the near future. This is probably a good thing though. It is very easy to use and if you know anyone else with the iPhone iPad 2, 4, or Mac is a lot of fun.

Includes Smart is not really "smart" but they are really very useful. They not only provide stylish enhancements of the device, but they serve a practical purpose and function concurrently as protective screens and stand in 2 configurations. You can find them in various colors and from third-market suppliers, and it's safe bet that more will come out soon utilize a magnetic sensor in  iPad 2. It is unfortunate that these same features can not be somehow plugged into an iPad, I would not think the case would be a good reason to consider the products above competitors, but it includes very useful really difficult to understand why they have not been there from the beginning.

Multitasking Support
One of the biggest knock against iPad when first released was the lack of native support for multi-tasking. Jailbreakers add features quickly and Apple soon realized it would be a requirement for the success of any future devices and OS releases an update that includes the feature. IPad 2 capitalizes on the progress of it and take a step further with increased RAM allows applications that are more open to be postponed at a time, and time to open or close an application that has increased as well. That said, even the first generation able to open and close applications more quickly than most people would be used to on their computer, so while this is the increase is more similar to the showroom.

One thing that Apple has obvious advantages in this for the moment is the availability of applications. App Store Apps have been close with 70,000 iPad particular, all of whom will work at  iPad 2. The new camera will definitely see this list growing rapidly, as will the inclusion of a gyroscope for use in games and motion-based. There is also a large number of professional applications ranging from the creation of documents for editing photos and vector images. Chances are if you can dream it, there is an app for it (and if not you may want to start one to fill the gap). Android Market is making a strong showing, and eventually may become a strong competitor, for now still has a ways to go, but any prospective buyer should consider before buying the application of market forces tablet.

Weight. Seriously. This minimum weight is by far the most impressive feature about it in my opinion. It seems to defy physics and logic that so many in such a small space can work hard for it.

Battery Life. From full to 2 off my iPad went just over 11 hours with the movie Robin Hood show twice during that time, at half screen brightness, wifi enabled, a marathon Angry Bird and a good part of a book on my iBook. That's better than working day and it constantly.

Books. This is definitely a pro, but reading itself can be a good way. IPAD is a big benefit to have access to Google Book, iBook, Nook, and Kindle. This allows for some comparison shopping and price competition (although for the most part they all are usually about the same). Reading at night in bed as the light back means you do not have to worry about keeping other people awake, but the glass screen glare caused some problems when trying to read outside or near a sunny window. If you're an outdoor diligent reader Kindle is still probably your best bet.

Still no dedicated support for USB. While there is a camera add-on that allows for certain USB devices to be used there are no options for mass storage. Some Tablet Android allows for this and if you find yourself want to use your tablet as a standalone storage device may be something to consider. The device can read from some flash drives though, but mostly limited to photos and video files. Jailbreaks offer a solution for this, but they come with their own problems as well.

There is still a special SD card slot. This is troublesome on two fronts. First, if you want to import photos from your camera, you must have an adapter that just one more thing to carry around. Second, the lack of expansion means you are limited on what you buy in terms of storage. Last time I bought a 32GB iPad and never filled it completely, so for me the capacity is not a problem. If you want to have all your movie collection with you though ... You may want to consider whether the two IPAD to meet the needs of your space.

HDMI output. Really this is a Pro and Con. IPAD is not possible to output HD over HDMI but again requires an adapter. All adapters are buying extra for features that some tablets offer built in. This can be a pain, but then again if you will never use the HDMI output then you do not pay for something you will not use.

No Flash Support. It is becoming less and less of an issue as the internet and web developers moving away from Flash for many sites, but there are many out there still rely on Adobe Flash to run properly (including many web-based games). Before you choose a tablet assume you are often what kind of web sites and try and determine whether or not they are driven Flash. If they're really you might want to consider offering something of Android as it is expected that they will have at least some support for Flash.