Turtle Beach X41 Review

One of my hobby is play video games, actually I enjoyed my spared time with my XBOX 360. I could play any games there. And don’t dare you disturb me, while I played it. Actually I always used earphone when I have fun time with it to make me focus with my games and enjoy it.

It's not easy to chose earphone with good sound and still make me so live, make me enjoy each part of my games. After I browsed about earphone product, finally, I found review about Turtle Beach X41. Really, I not heard it yet before, but when i read it, I think it is attractive product and meet my needed.Turtle Beach X41 as known as Ear Force X41.

Ear Force X41 uses Dolby 7.1 surround sound with clear sound, Can you imagine it ? with Dolby 7.1 surround sound, the sound so boombastis. I can felt each soft footstep that my enemy made, feel each shoot I make like the war just in front of my nose, not just like play a game but you are a part of that games. Yeah ... this is not ordinary earphone, this special earphone for you guys, for a maniac XBOX games. But beside for play XBOX games, it has other unique feature, it has separated among game sound level with sound of chat with different way to adjust it. So, do not worry, if you want to chat with another player, and play games in same time. It is not disturb each others.

And this is wireless earphone guys, you can move, you can jump and express your self while you sing the songs like you favorite singer without worried that you could break the cable. And it has the "battery boost" too for around 25 hours, and you can recharge the batteries.