Top 10 iPhone 4 Bugs, Problems and Complaints

With more than 1.7 million iPhones sold in just three days, Apple's production capacity is at its limits. With so many innovative technology packed into such a small device, there must exist some lemon. Many customers have received their iPhones 4 and had no problems, while others have hit the support forums and message boards to voice concerns.

Problems range from uncomfortable to completely unfixable. The iPhone 4 comes with one free year of AppleCare, which means that one visit to the Genius Bar can help. With the iPhone so much heat from the factory floor, which does not even guarantee that the replacement hardware will not have problems of their own. Here's a list of the top 10 iPhone 4 bugs, problems and complaints that must be considered when you receive your shipment from Apple.

1. Antenna "grip of death" affects the quality of reception. Apple has acknowledged this problem, and advises users to avoid holding the left side below  iPhone 4 or buy a case. Connecting the metal on both sides of the black line with your fingers can produce poor reception.

2. Yellow spots on the screen. Retina Apple Display is a brand new technology. Some have reported blurry yellow spots on the screen. This could be a chemical bond that is used for glass that has not dried completely prior to shipment.  iPhone 4 owners have reported that in some cases yellow spots disappear after a few days of normal use.

3. A green blob of color changes in photographs taken with the camera. Users have posted sample photos taken with  iPhone 4 with a strange aura or green circle in the middle. It is unclear what caused the problem, but the matter must be covered by your warranty.

4. Excessive heat during operation. Rear glass panel of  iPhone 4 radiate heat from the device. Some customers have speculated that because the radio reception problems to work overtime and generate more heat than it should.

5. Battery below expectations. Report this problem may be related to issues # 1 and # 4, because of an overtaxed radio will use more water. Software problems can also cause the battery to run down quickly if power management is not running optimally. IPhone 4 has a larger battery than 3G, so users can also have unrealistic expectations.

6. Proximity sensor acting up. This small piece of hardware off the screen when the iPhone 4 in addition to your ear, preventing touch-screen input from the register. Some users complain that censorship does not always turn off the screen, so deliberate, hang-ups and other surprises as ear pressing the button on the screen. Some have explained that the proximity sensor works sometimes but not always.

7. Poor 3G data speeds. Although this could be a local problem with AT & T network, some users have compared the speed of their 3G iPhone data to a previous model and claim  iPhone 4 slower. Others were impressed by the increase in download speeds. Whether or not the iPhone 4 has this problem depends on many factors and can also be related to the issue # 1. Some of the four iPhone owners claiming faster speeds when they leave their devices on the EDGE network.

8. Switched the volume buttons. Not as wide, this problem has been reported and involves the "+" and "-" button on the left side of the  iPhone 4 is activated. Usually the "+" or increase the volume buttons should be on top, with buttons - on the bottom "." Sounds like someone at the plant was not paying attention!

9. The rear glass is too fragile. There are poor people who had destroyed the back of their iPhone 4. This event occurs even when the device was hidden in the case of Apple's iPhone 4 Bumper. Apple claims the glass used in the latest smartphone is super strong. This may be true, but when glass reinforced also become more vulnerable to rupture because tension in the sheet glass.

10. Where the white iPhone 4? No word on when the white version will be available. It is not currently available for pre-order or in store. Apple observers assumed that based on the announcement of the launch of the two colors will be available at the same time. Apple does not comment on the matter.