Review Palm Z22 Handheld

Palm released their PDA that back to their roots, the basic features mean cannot make a phone call, send email, send text message, and play music or video. It just an electronic organizer.

If you are looking for a full multimedia and internet features then Palm Z22 is not for you, buy a smart phone or a hig end PDA then you will find that features.

But if you looking for a reliable, low priced, digital organizer for contacts, logging expenses, writing memos, storing photos, making lists, a calendar, making notes, playing games, then Palm Z22 is just right purchase for you.

If you want a tool for reading e-books, then you can use Palm Z22 PDA. The display is more than decent for reading and if you still have trouble you can always enlarge the font, this is what you cannot get with on printed texts. You don't have to worry about which page you have read because the e-book software always opens up on the last page you left off on.

Palm Z22 have a decent memory capasities for a basic organizer. It's plenty enough to add several extra programs likes e-reader, handyshopper, listpro, keep lots of data, and store several e-booksThere are plenty space to install some games or another application.

The size of the display is also not a problem for me. I'm not always crazy about the resolution, but again, I got my Palm Z22 Handheld PDA to be my PDA workhorse, not a movie theatre.

So if you're looking for something that will surf the net, edit office documents, display pretty pictures, and play music, look elsewhere. It's something you won't find with a low price and you won't find on Palm Z22.

For the price at $100, you can actually afford to buy another Palm Z22 Handheld if you lose it and not be so concerned about keeping the unit in ship shape. It's also the smallest PDA around, it can fit your pocket very easy. Get a screen protector and you're all set and ready to organize your daily activity.