Review HP Mini 210-1030NR

HP has launched a range of new economic laptop called the HP Mini 210. It is the successor to the Mini 110 was released in the previous year. There are not many significant differences between these two netbook. HP 210 laptop uses the newest Intel Atom N450 processor. It also offers color lid options. Mouse buttons are pushed down the touch pad, fix one of the weaknesses of the Mini 110. It also uses optional Broad Crystal Accelerator, which enables video playback.

This aesthetic design includes slightly rounded corners, a long narrow body,gently curving edge HP lid,and medium screen hinge. It comes with color crystal silver lid as default, which looked a bit plain. Red, Black or Blue color cover additional costs $ 20. HP Mini 210 outer casing looks similar to previous HP laptop such as the Mini 110.

Mouse buttons mounted on the bottom right and left corner of the touchpad, and entire pad pressing with every click that is similar to the MacBook. The touchpad design is also very good, which was similar with HP's Envy laptop series. Touch panel has a better response. You can disable it if you do not use it.

HP 1030 is designed with a good laptop. Its keyboard and touchpad are very good. Ergonomics of both a keyboard and a touch of the best. Laptop looks stunning design perfect complement. Laptop base price of $ 299 will include the same features as $ 299 laptops from Acer, Dell or Asus.

The keyboard has a good size Tab, Shift and other important buttons are very important for laptop small size .Keyboard chicklet style has been adopted from HP's business line laptops like the HP Mini 5101 and 5102 models in the Mini 210. This keyboard offers a large, flat keys that facilitate broad spaces easier and faster typing. You can adjust the volume and brightness using the F1-F12. They serve an alternative purpose here. It weighs approximately 3.5 pounds including the AC adapter.