Review Canon 8800F Scanner

Canon is really a leading company of customer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions. Canon has manufactured many kind of Scanner for proffesional or individual.

The Canon 8800f is a user-friendly compact scanner with seven quick to detect software buttons which can enable you to scan, print and produce files and images the fastest possible way. It will make an impression you with its high color definition of up to 4800 x 9600 dpi.

canon 8800f scanner aren't as precise as those i find from my old (and extremely slow) canon fs4000 focused film scanner, they're not terrible, and the 8800f is more forgiving of negative problems and looks like less prone to feed aliasing.

Medium-format film scans, though, have been a failure so far -- tonality seems excellent, but sharpness looks like sub-par. Unlike the stockholm reviewer, i'm not willling to try taking my scanner apart and taping the negatives to the underside of the glass, but maybe some more usm would help. The film holders seem cheesy compared to my old fs4000 holders -- the 8800f's are constructed with rather flexy plastic, and the 35mm strip holder requires you to slide the end of the film under a pair of little hooks that are a little fiddly.

The holders seem unlikely to split, though, and the 35mm strip holder has a clever style for the hinged retainers so that if you bend them too far, they'll simply pop off their hinges rather than breaking. (they're without difficulty popped back on thanks to the mobility of the plastic. So as i said, i still don't know whether or not the canon 8800f scanner was ideal buy for my $200.

But in practice, i'm seldom absolutely happy with film scans from. Scanner i've tried, including dedicated film scanners, so i'm unsure that purchasing a much more high priced model -- say, an epson v750 -- can have been a good investment for me. In fact, it was my common dissatisfaction with film scanners that eventually drove me to cough up the bucks for an epson r-d 1 camera, and i have to declare that to my eyes, shots from the r-d 1 look vastly better than those scanned from any of my film-camera negatives.

Canon 8800f scanner are the ones to go for at that funds. The canon was $1500. But i was considering i might just save my money for now and expend it on scans from the shop. It's a little troublesome that i bought an all-in-one printer/scanner less than a year ago. I didn't predict the decision to scan film. Who knows though. I can be a bit impulsive. I would walk out of the mtr one night and head straight to the computer centre and buy one.