Nokia X2 Best Deal with T-Mobile

The world economy continues to fluctuate, which has not proved himself in stabilizing the near future, people from all over the world are still binding their belts very strict when it comes down to budget their spending.

With this in mind, Nokia aims to appease those who do not quite have unlimited disposable income with their friendly Nokia X2 message.

Rightfully so, this device sports a price point in the range of $ 79.99 prepaid T-Mobile, but only because they are targeting this segment, does that mean that prospective buyers will be greeted with an inferior product?

The package contains:

Nokia X2
Wall Charger
Stereo Headset
User Manual
Terms & Conditions


Interestingly enough, Nokia X2 radiating design that affinity to be profitable despite highly regarded as entry-level devices.

From a distance, it is similar to several Finnish companies more respected portrait QWERTY devices, such as E72, but after holding it, we are presented with entirely plastic device that normal-sized (0.56 "thick) and lightweight (3.79 oz.).

Overall, we are very satisfied with the construction of well-rounded tastefully retaining some elements that are used by fellow higher-end, but of course, resort to using low quality materials instead.