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Get easy self-calibration with on-screen reference points for key picture quality elements such as black level, color, tint, sharpness and backlight levels.

Take the guesswork out of picture adjustments with this simple-to-use feature. It’s not actually magic, but it will sure seem that way.

Some user bought this for a game room. The LG 60PK540 plays HD and movies of great content. The reason why user give this TV 4 instead of 5 stars on performance is little blury on live sport (could be their local cable company's fault).

But overall, some user are very pleased with the television and some user would purchase it again.

For prices, this LG 60PK540 is very good choice. Some user don't rate it grade it great, due to the below-LED performance. The 600 hz sub field movement is below 240hz (and 120hz for that matter). The movement shutters when compared to that of the LED's. The whites aren't as pure as that of either LEDs or LCDs. This all said, the shear size of this tv makes up for most of it's negatives.

We finally replaced our old big screen with this LG 60PK540 and absolutely love it. The image and picture is better than smaller LCD TV that we have and our neighbor take back their LED when they saw this image and picture on our new TV. The new thin design makes it look very nice coming off the wall as opposed to 3-4

Whether have an eye for design, a love of sports or all that and then some, the LG 60PK540 is a plasma that will impress. With its TruSlim Frame and Seamless Design, its 600Hz refresh rate makes it perfect for fast action and it has looks to turn heads. Wrap that up with a load of other features, like its outstanding contrast ratio, and you have a TV that anyone would want in their living room.

Stunning detail.

No more worrying about dark scenes or dull colors. The mega contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 delivers more stunning colors and deeper blacks than you can imagine.