Get More Entertainment with Logitech Revue

The Revue Logitech Keyboard Controller is a keyboard-based remote that gives you a natural way to search, find and enjoy what you’re looking for on Google TV systems.

Logitech GoogleTV is essentially an operating system for TVs that provides easy access to many of the so called Smart TV features we're seeing creep into the latest TVs. Searching the net, phone calls as well as viewing loading movie tend to be one of the functions available..

The particular Revue Logitech delivers components of the internet in your display screen, coming from Facebook, Flickr and also Twitting to be able to each day exploring, additionally neighborhood audio, video clip and also photographs from your own home community, and also articles coming from a great linked cable tv package..

Unless you want to cobble together a home theater PC from scratch and deal with the many issues of draggingUnless of course you need to cobble collectively a house theatre computer through the begining as well as cope with the numerous problems associated with pulling the container intended for the table in to your own family room, the actual Revue Logitech guarantees to become the following smartest thing – theoretically, anyhow.. Nevertheless would it be uncomplicated ample pertaining to laid-back consumers to take.? May home entertainment diehards end up being happy sufficient to stop their own omnipotent computer systems.? Google and Logitech might have the methods to use fulfilling each finishes from the customer range..

Logitech Google TV

List of t hings you can do with Revue Logitech Google TV Box :

Enjoy TV, the Web, apps & movies in one place...your HDTV

Search across every channel, app and the Web simultaneously

Watch TV & surf the Web, at the same time, on the same screen

Type, search, rewind & more with the wireless keyboard controller

Use pre-loaded apps like Netflix and stay tuned for tons more

Receive new features & functionality with free, automatic updates

Add on with accessories that make your TV even smarter

Revue Logitech with Google TV turns any TV into a smart TV. It brings together TV, the full web, apps, movies and more and puts control of it all at your fingertips.