Get Best Experience Playing Game With XBox 360 250gb With Kinect

The new Xbox 360 250GB has a new fresh look. It's nice and sleek and super quiet. Touch sensitives buttons and the angular design provides for a modern look. it's perfect.

The optical audio that's on there now without the adapter is helpful as well. There is no reason not to love this product. Same price, cooler, quieter, less power consumption, modern, bigger hard drive, wifi, kinect ready, optical out, 5 usb ports, sleek, and sexy.

The new Xbox 360 250GB. Here today, ready for tomorrow with a brand new, leaner machine in an all new black gloss finish. Wi-Fi is built-in for easier connection to the world of entertainment on Xbox LIVE, where HD movies and TV stream in an instant.

Unlike the current model,The new 250GB Xbox doesn't sound like a jet engine when running, and allows it to be practically unnoticed, a big plus when watching movies.

It also bundle with built in Wireless N Wifi, which adds a significant value to this game console. The console is also Kinect ready, and includes a specific port for Kinect when it launches this November.

This great device is the best of the best !!! It has Wifi N which go 300mbps !!! Incredible !!! Fastest wifi connection on any console. Thank for Microsoft for releasing the best console this generation. Xbox 360 250GB Elite is the amazing entertainment experience.

Enjoy the largest library of games, including the best exclusive titles. Watch thousands of HD movies and TV episodes at the press of a button including titles streamed instantly from Netflix.* Download Game Addons like songs, films, maps, levels and characters.

Plus, with 250GB of storage, there ’s plenty of room to extend your fun ... and remember ... it's ready for the controller-free experiences of Kinect - you don't just play the game, you are the game.

Kinect is a "controller-free gaming and entertainment experience" for the Xbox 360. It was first announced on June 1, 2009 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, under the codename, Project Natal.

The add-on peripheral enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without a game controller by using gestures, spoken commands and presented objects and images. The Kinect accessory is compatible with all Xbox 360 models, connecting to new models via a custom connector, and to older ones via a USBand mains power adapter.